Why philology @ UCU

The UCU Philology Program is unique in its combination of different branches of philology which usually belong to different programs. Thus, it opens an opportunity for new vision and discovery.

Our program is highly interdisciplinary, which increases the choice of future paths as philologists are needed everywhere where the Word is used.

We offer two specializations, create countless opportunities for students, and support their initiatives.

The Intercultural Communication and Translation specialization is special in the amount of attention paid to the translation of written “cultural” text: fiction and scholarly literature, belles lettres, essays, and cinema.

The Computational Linguistics specialization blends the study of linguistic foundations, linguistic data processing algorithms, and practical Python programming skills.

All our students learn the universal multifaceted skill of working with texts (writing, editing, proofreading, translating, as well as literary, linguistic, and computer analysis), which gives them significant advantages on the labor market.