About program

The Artes Liberales Philology Proram was founded in 2016 as part of Artes Liberales, even though its origin can easily be traced back to the Lviv Theological Academy which grew into the Ukrainian Catholic University. In its core, the program is aimed at combining various branches of philology which are largely studied separately elsewhere, as well as at interdisciplinary connections with history, culture studies, and other sciences.

Convinced that the most interesting things arise at intersections, we pay very close attention to the tradition as we study, reinterpret, and actualize it. We are open to new methods and technology which, we believe, will help this tradition to continue. Thus, our students study both ancient languages and computational linguistics. Like other Artes Liberales programs, the Philology Program is special in that it combines mandatory foundational courses with many elective courses, enabling students to pursue individual professional trajectories. The mandatory core includes subjects that shape the philological way of thinking and afford deep understanding of cultural and intercultural processes. This is where student-teacher cooperation is vital. This cooperation continues in elective courses within a chosen specialization when students are involved in research projects, some of which have immediate practical application.